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Chanting together 0

Chanting together

Four meetings on Zoom have become a permanent part of my weekly schedule. When I announce at home that it is time to meet, my daughter asks me: are you singing today? On Wednesday and Saturday I say – yes, why are you asking? She replies –because I would like to be with you. Therefore,  […]
Správny smer 0

Správny smer

Nedávno sme diskutovali o jednom usmernení riaditeľov Fung Loy Kok na ZOOM stretnutí s členmi v Poľsku. Išlo o to, že by sme mali mať zápisník, do ktorého by sme si mali zapisovať poznámky o individuálnom cvičení a pokroku, ktorý dosahujeme a o zmenách, ktoré pozorujeme na ceste tréningu Taoistického Tai ChiTM. Włodek, člen z […]
Prax chantingu 0

Prax chantingu

Prax chantingu Iba druhýkrát som sa zúčastnila chantingu online a hneď aká výzva! 60 strán! Bola som si istá, že sa stratím a čo bude potom! Veľkým prekvapením pre mňa bolo, že som spievala celý čas. Nenastal žiaden problém. Dokonca aj keď mi padol internet, pokračovala som plynule.  Ale malo to ešte jeden pozoruhodný efekt. […]
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Wishes from Poland 0

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Wishes from Poland

The magic of the Christmas Eve evening last Friday at the Wrocław club slowed down time. There were 30 people sitting at the tables, piled high with home-made delicacies.  Traditionally, the president greeted all of the members with warm wishes and sharing the holy wafer.  These are the most touching moments in which our hearts […]
International Workshop in Krakow, Poland 0

International Workshop in Krakow, Poland

Many of us have been waiting for these days, and preparation for the workshop began weeks and even months in advance. Karen Laughlin led the workshop, with the support of European Regional Centre members. There were 176 participants for 5 days and 13 additional people joined the weekend. Like every workshop, this one was also unique. One […]
Grand Opening of Clubhouse in Warsaw, Poland 0

Grand Opening of Clubhouse in Warsaw, Poland

We celebrated with a banquet the grand opening of a new clubhouse in Warsaw. It was attended by 132 smiling participants. We were honored by the presence of seven officials from the Warsaw City Hall:  mayors and vice-mayors of 4 Varsovian districts: Bielany, Żoliborz, Bemowo and Wola. We were also honored by the presence of Carmen Capilla from Spain. […]
Christmas Eve in Wrocław branch 0

Christmas Eve in Wrocław branch

At a warm December evening, a week before the Christmas Eve, the door of our society house in Wroclaw were still been open towards the influx of following members. That is just tradition of common celebrate of Christmas at our beautiful centre, which at such moments gives to us special warmth. Everybody has taken the […]
Moving in 0

Moving in

The Warsaw branch smiled…ehhh, moved into their new space!
International Workshop in Kraków, Poland 0

International Workshop in Kraków, Poland

Five day International workshop in Krakow held from the 4th to 8th of July, gathered 245 participants from 11 countries: Canada, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Switzerland and Poland. What did we experience from Tony Kwong’s teachings? A little bit of everything: there were sets, tor yus, don yus, set’s elements practised […]
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