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Festival lampiónov
Lantern Festival – International Centre 1

Lantern Festival – International Centre

Recently we were asked, “how can we take better care of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts?”   This year, as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary, there are opportunities to reflect on the uniqueness of our teachings. The International Centre in Canada, in the winter, offered a ‘quiet’ that seems harder to find in the bustle of everyday […]
A Joyous Lantern Festival 0

A Joyous Lantern Festival

Volunteers and staff prepared for the joyous Lantern Festival for days and weeks beforehand. The kitchen was busy into the night on Thursday so that Friday was not so hectic. The lights blazing in the practice hall were a warm beacon all Friday night until Saturday dawned chill and bright and clear. As visitors, guests […]
All are welcome to Lantern Festival in Orangeville! 0

All are welcome to Lantern Festival in Orangeville!

The International Centre in Orangeville, Ontario is pleased to be hosting this year’s Lantern Festival on Sunday, February 21st at 12 noon. Everyone is welcome to this event, which will feature a traditional jai banquet, chanting, entertainment, and of course lantern sales! The Lantern Festival is a Chinese tradition going back many centuries. Typically held […]
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