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Európske centrum v Colchestri
Tai Chi internals – Colchester, GB 0

Tai Chi internals – Colchester, GB

At our Home in Colchester, GB, a hundred participants gather for a spring 5-day international programme. After breakfast and before the programme starts, a chance to practise chanting, with the 10,000 Buddha’s sutra. The tai chi instruction follows some simple themes to access the internals. Participants put the instructions into practice, with help and guidance, […]
Harmony in Essex 0

Harmony in Essex

Essex is a county in Great Britain where many people practise Taoist Tai ChiTM arts. On Wednesday participants from South East Essex hired a coach and joined others in North East Essex for chanting and tai chi. Everyone enjoyed meeting up together and sharing lunch. We love to have people visit the Taoist Tai Chi […]
A warm welcome – International Workshop in Colchester, GB 1

A warm welcome – International Workshop in Colchester, GB

At the 5-day International Workshop in Colchester, around 170 participants from 13 countries are enjoying a warm welcome, in exceptional (for England) temperatures of up to 32 degrees. We have been practising what has been described as ‚cool tai chi‘, taking advantage of the softening effects of the heat. Mornings start with chanting – part […]
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