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Nachádzanie nového pôvabu 0

Nachádzanie nového pôvabu

Každý má pravdepodobne svoj príbeh o zákaze vychádzania: tu je ten môj. Aj po rokoch cvičenia Tai Chi som si nebola istá, či dokážem zacvičiť celú zostavu bez pomoci ostatných zo skupiny, ale bola som rozhodnutá skúsiť to a zacvičiť zostavu každý deň počas lokdownu. Do Tai Chi som sa zamilovala od chvíle, keď som […]
Zbaviť sa bolesti 0

Zbaviť sa bolesti

„Chcel by som vám povedať o niečom, čo sa stalo počas zákazu vychádzania. Bola mi diagnostikovaná osteoartritída v oboch bedrových kĺboch; kým som sa konečne dopracoval k diagnóze, užil som si dosť bolesti. Potom som si spomenul na niečo, čo som sa dozvedel na týždni CIT v Orangeville ešte v r. 2009, o tom ako […]
Chanting at 2 am – ‚I was transported to another world‘ 0

Chanting at 2 am – ‚I was transported to another world‘

New Zealand has been in a strict lockdown for a month – some participants have shared photos and reflections on their Taoist Tai Chi practice during this time. „At 2.00 am on Sunday morning (New Zealand time) I was fortunate and honoured to tune into the chanting organised by Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism […]
Transformation and Training 0

Transformation and Training

The focusing theme for the annual New Zealand Instructor Training Weekend was transformation. The weekend, attended by  more than 90 per cent of instructors, was important for instructors to come together and reflect and transform the way we do our Taoist Tai Chi® practice and most importantly, ask ourselves, how does  it feel.  One participant […]
‚My mind was calm, my body was calm‘ 1

‚My mind was calm, my body was calm‘

At 37 years young, I am what some would consider “broken” (for my age). A physiotherapist (one of many), whom I had a long-standing relationship with after a ruptured disc in my early twenties, described me as a patient whose body tenses easily with an inability for my muscles to release or relax – often […]
Experiences from the International Program in Tauranga, New Zealand, October 2018 0

Experiences from the International Program in Tauranga, New Zealand, October 2018

84 people attended this amazing workshop.  One participant said that she had gained a deeper understanding of the form and why the moves are done the way they are.  There was much talk of tailbones and intention, circles and standing straight.  Participants described it as the friendliest gathering they have ever attended, and a couple of our Australian visitors particularly enjoyed the ginger crunch, saying […]
Spiralling in New Zealand National Program 0

Spiralling in New Zealand National Program

Approximately 30 New Zealand  participants gathered at the Lower Hutt clubrooms on the weekend of the 25th and 26th August for a two-day program led by National President Sue Lightfoot, ably assisted by Wellington continuing instructors Mary Brownlow and Peter Love.  Participants ranged from those who have done Tai Chi for many years (including a […]
Tai Chi and Me = Happiness 1

Tai Chi and Me = Happiness

July marks the two-year anniversary of my first encounter  with Taoist Tai Chi® arts and I am reflecting on my journey so far. Almost immediately the word happiness comes to mind. This seems an odd choice; while learning tai chi makes me happy so do lots of other activities. Obviously, there is more to my […]
The joy of being an international visitor 0

The joy of being an international visitor

It is such a privilege to attend international workshops in your own country, but travelling to another country to participate does add further benefits: to meet fellow tai chiers and renew friendships within the group, to enjoy extra time and take a holiday maybe – but also, if you have Tai Chi related responsibilities in […]
Season’s Greetings from NZ 0

Season’s Greetings from NZ

  A group from the Bay of Plenty Branch go down to the beach by Kulim Park, BBQ, a set, some dessert and time for some fun on the water.  A beautiful night near the Mount, a full moon will soon arise, the peace and tranquillity from our set had provided the scene for a […]
A wonderful day of tor-yus 0

A wonderful day of tor-yus

October 2016 Tauranga NZ: This is the second international program I’ve been to since starting tai chi 18 months ago. It started with a long journey from the Auckland region, getting lost on the extraordinary Tauranga road system as I hunted down the kennels for my beloved dog. And it began with a wonderful day […]
26FIVE Challenge in New Zealand 0

26FIVE Challenge in New Zealand

  In New Zealand this year we challenged our participants to do tai chi for 26 consecutive days – representing the 26 years of Taoist Tai Chi® arts in our country – and for a minimum of five minutes a day. A suggested donation of $5 was a fundraiser for the Fenway project. A mere […]
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