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Verantwoordelijkheid nemen 0

Verantwoordelijkheid nemen

Dankzij regelmatige zoombijeenkomsten met de leiders van onze organisatie ben ik me verschillende uitdagingen gaan realiseren in deze moeilijke tijden waarin beperkingen ons gewone leven veranderen. Een van de belangrijkste boodschappen voor mij is om verantwoordelijkheid te nemen voor jezelf, voor je training. Het betekent jezelf vertrouwen, instructies vertrouwen die we hebben ontvangen en nog […]
The right course 0

The right course

We’ve recently discussed one of the guidelines from Fung Loy Kok directors at our ZOOM meeting with Polish members. It was about having a notebook to make notes regarding our individual practice and the progress we make and changes we can observe while being on the Taoist Tai ChiTM training path. Włodek, a member from […]
Kansen door tegenslag 0

Kansen door tegenslag

De tegenslag van deze tijd van pandemie heeft me de gelegenheid gegeven om het belang van bewust en consistent zijn te beseffen, zowel bij het beoefenen van tai chi als tijdens de zoom- en chantsessies. Het delen van dit alles maakt ruimte voor woorden en emoties, zoals: consistentie, geduld, bewustzijn, verbinding, aandacht, observatie, loslaten en […]
Finding A New Grace 0

Finding A New Grace

Everyone probably has lockdown stories to tell: here is mine. Even after years of Tai Chi, I still sometimes wondered if I could get through a set without clues from my fellow practitioners, but was determined to try and do a set each day during lockdown. I had fallen in love with Tai Chi from […]
Making The Pain Go Away 0

Making The Pain Go Away

“I just wanted to tell you about something that’s happened since Lockdown. I’ve been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both hips, and was getting quite a bit of hip pain until I finally got a diagnosis. Then I remembered something that we had been told at CIT week in Orangeville, back in 2009, about how dan-yus […]
Personal Stories / USA 0

Personal Stories / USA

Since doing sets on my own for over eight months now, an interesting thing has happened. At first it seemed strange to practice alone, without a group. I felt oddly self-conscious, even though no one was watching. Over time, though, I stopped worrying about that and just started focusing on how my body felt while […]
Growing through the pandemic 0

Growing through the pandemic

My experience these past nine months has been of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth. On March 13th we were confined. I have a 12-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl with special needs, quite an experience. I would get up at 6 in the morning to practice Tai Chi. It was my moment of peace, […]
Managing stress and anxiety with daily practise 0

Managing stress and anxiety with daily practise

Before the pandemic, Taoist Tai ChiTM arts was something I only practised when attending a weekly class on a Friday night.  In between classes, I rarely gave it a thought. Having been suffering with anxiety and stress, I attended a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy course in February which gave me some tools to use.  This became […]
Season’s Greetings 0

Season’s Greetings

We hope that everyone in the world finds peace, love and joy, despite these difficult times. Sending season’s greetings and best wishes to all.
Zelf oefenen is voor jezelf zorgen 0

Zelf oefenen is voor jezelf zorgen

Zelf oefenen is een worsteling voor mij geweest. Mijn man lag vanaf 29 februari acht weken in het ziekenhuis en hij overleed begin mei. In die tijd lag mijn focus bij hem, niet bij mijzelf. Ik heb het chanten en de Zoom meetings als zeer waardevol voor mijn psychische gezondheid ervaren. Ik leer er niet […]
50 jaar Taoist Tai Chi™ kunsten 0

50 jaar Taoist Tai Chi™ kunsten

Vanaf het eenvoudige begin in Toronto in 1970 hebben de leringen van Master Moy zich over de wereld verspreid. Vandaag laten meer dan 1000 deelnemers uit 26 landen het belang zien van 50 jaar Taoist Tai ChiTM kunsten. Onze harten zijn vol waardering als we vooruitkijken naar de volgende 50 jaar!    
Celebrating the 50th Anniversary 0

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Taoist Tai Chi® arts, President of Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism, John Huang, shares calligraphy that speaks to a solid foundation and a bright future. On December 5 more than 2000 people celebrated together/apart! Source: @taoist_canada, Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism
I’m grateful to the Society 0

I’m grateful to the Society

I am 75 years old. I have been doing tai chi for seven years, but a year ago I had to stop attending classes because I am taking care of my husband, with senile dementia. Thanks to the years that I have been doing tai chi, today I can say that I am doing quite […]
Chanten bij volle en nieuwe maan 0

Chanten bij volle en nieuwe maan

Bij volle en nieuwe maan, de 1ste and 15de van iedere maanmaand, chanten 1000 deelnemers uit 26 landen de ‘Northern Dipper’ sutra samen/apart. Deze sutra geeft uitdrukking aan de onderlinge verbondenheid tussen het externe universum (buiten onszelf) en het interne universum (binnen onszelf). Dit idee weerklinkt in wat velen die de Taoist Tai Chi™ kunsten beoefenen, zelf ervaren. Door middel […]
Feeling the energy and the togetherness 0

Feeling the energy and the togetherness

On Saturday I logged on to ‘Chanting for the world’ for the first time. I didn’t chant but just soaked up the feeling and followed one of the chants that I had printed out.   I found it very relaxing and enjoyed listening to the speakers. When the chanting was finished I realised that I […]
Devoting time to improve my health 0

Devoting time to improve my health

I had been practicing more or less regularly, but I did it as a kind of homework: I practiced what I had seen at a class, at a workshop or a correction I had received. Lockdown began and with it my fear of getting infected, the uncertainty about the future and sadness about what was […]
The fog has lifted 0

The fog has lifted

Before the pandemic I did not practice every day and when I did, it was in most cases for physical reasons. When the confinement began I felt fear, anguish and anxiety, I do not know in what order. I felt as if I had a fist inside that  imprisoned the viscera and did not leave […]
Surprising health benefits of Taoist Tai Chi 0

Surprising health benefits of Taoist Tai Chi

Thanks to the intense practice of Taoist Tai ChiTM arts such as we have been able to do since last May, after confinement, the significant visual disturbances from which I had been suffering for about a year and a half, disappeared. The ophthalmologist, who had planned an operation of cataracts this year put it off […]


    Life at the moment is full of emotion and grief and Taoist Tai ChiTM arts have been an absolute saviour. My first “light bulb” moment happened when I was doing A Danyu challenge.  I did forty danyus and then the next ten slowly, really concentrating in pushing with the feet and allowing the […]


On November 7, the day of the planned 50th Anniversary celebrations, we gathered from all four branches in Italy for an Awareness Zoom.  Once more aware of the power of Taoist Tai ChiTM arts, of not being alone, of sharing Master Moy’s wise teachings.   It has been such an opportunity to be happy together, to share experiences, to […]
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