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Kansen door tegenslag 0

Kansen door tegenslag

De tegenslag van deze tijd van pandemie heeft me de gelegenheid gegeven om het belang van bewust en consistent zijn te beseffen, zowel bij het beoefenen van tai chi als tijdens de zoom- en chantsessies. Het delen van dit alles maakt ruimte voor woorden en emoties, zoals: consistentie, geduld, bewustzijn, verbinding, aandacht, observatie, loslaten en […]
Growing through the pandemic 0

Growing through the pandemic

My experience these past nine months has been of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth. On March 13th we were confined. I have a 12-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl with special needs, quite an experience. I would get up at 6 in the morning to practice Tai Chi. It was my moment of peace, […]
I’m grateful to the Society 0

I’m grateful to the Society

I am 75 years old. I have been doing tai chi for seven years, but a year ago I had to stop attending classes because I am taking care of my husband, with senile dementia. Thanks to the years that I have been doing tai chi, today I can say that I am doing quite […]
Devoting time to improve my health 0

Devoting time to improve my health

I had been practicing more or less regularly, but I did it as a kind of homework: I practiced what I had seen at a class, at a workshop or a correction I had received. Lockdown began and with it my fear of getting infected, the uncertainty about the future and sadness about what was […]
The fog has lifted 0

The fog has lifted

Before the pandemic I did not practice every day and when I did, it was in most cases for physical reasons. When the confinement began I felt fear, anguish and anxiety, I do not know in what order. I felt as if I had a fist inside that  imprisoned the viscera and did not leave […]
Spanish quince for Florida 0

Spanish quince for Florida

One more autumn, an enthusiastic group of Spanish members have prepared 125 containers of sweet quince “Florida”. More than 30 kilos contributed by members to which we have added sugar and a lot of love. Buy or reserve your container now! Remember that the funds raised will go to the project of the International Center […]
Special day in Mallorca (Spain) 1

Special day in Mallorca (Spain)

To finish the summer classes in Mallorca (Spain) we have organized a special day starting with a workshop customizing t-shirts and another workshop of Mahjong, then a Tai Chi class, and finishing with a special dinner with shared food. It has been very interesting and sure we will repeat it.
Meeting of Instructors in Madrid, Spain 0

Meeting of Instructors in Madrid, Spain

We performed a demonstration of Taoist Tai Chi® arts, including Lok Hup Ba Fa, Sabre and also did a dragon dance in the centre of Madrid during the meeting of instructors from Spain, Portugal and Italy. Nearly one hundred people had the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of these arts. This is the dragon dance […]
New Kitchen in Majorca, Spain 1

New Kitchen in Majorca, Spain

Something’s cooking in Majorca where after years of trials and tribulations the building owned by the Society in Palma now has a fully operational kitchen. It was a long and winding road, starting with winning over the neighbors and raising the funds. But everybody rallied to the cause and finally the big day arrived. The […]
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