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All Souls Festival Reflections 0

All Souls Festival Reflections

Last Saturday, the Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism  offered an opportunity to observe and or participate in the All Souls Festival in a live online format following the weekly chanting opportunity.  Being familiar with some other traditions for the deceased, I was intrigued and curious but intended to just “ stay for awhile“.  Long […]
All Souls Festivals in Costa Rica 0

All Souls Festivals in Costa Rica

  Throughout the period of All Souls Festivals we have offered chanting opportunities and held two day events to align with each of the three Festivals held at the International Centre, Wong Dai Seen Temple and at D’Arcy Street this month.  Joining with others around the world we came together to provide help to those […]
All Souls Festival 2019 0

All Souls Festival 2019

Master Moy taught us to honor the living and the dead, to promote cultural exchange, and to help others. The All Souls Festivals of 2019 has given the opportunity to express all of these aims. Around the world, participants gathered to engage in something greater than themselves. We chanted, prepared plaques honoring the deceased, folded […]
All Souls Festival at D’Arcy St 0

All Souls Festival at D’Arcy St

All Souls Festival is being observed at D’Arcy St Temple in Toronto with Taoist and Confucian chanting.  Volunteers and staff have been working for weeks to support the festival and those who wish to offer paper money and other gifts to the dead. Many members of the local Chinese community come to D’Arcy St over […]
A Big Day at the International Centre 0

A Big Day at the International Centre

The International Centre looked stunning today as participants took part in the All Souls Festival, welcomed visitors to an Open House, and continued preparations for CIT Week, the 10th Anniversary of the Grand Opening of the Three Religions Temple, and International Awareness Day. It was the penultimate day of the International Centre Anniversary Photo Contest […]
Reflections on All Souls at D’Arcy St Temple 0

Reflections on All Souls at D’Arcy St Temple

„Energising chants to remember and honour departed loved ones, while lightening and transforming grief into joy.“ „Powerful, still, moving.“ „Stillness, joy, compassion. Reflections and celebration. Amazing energy of lives lived.“ „Great learning experience in the rituals and the helping others that creates harmony in many directions.“ „Powerful, profound, a wonderfully rich experience of sharing and […]
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