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Already eleven months and always present! 0

Already eleven months and always present!

Confined but not suffocated or isolated!  Our instructors have never stopped repeating to us, without ever getting tired: „Do some foundation movements, a little, every day…“ At first, my practise was very limited, often in the early morning. I found it easy to start but harder to continue. There is always some distraction ready to […]
Pain is out! 0

Pain is out!

During the latest lockdown, I hardly found time to practice. Indeed, I was having twice my normal amount of work, in addition to the daily household chores (including looking after 4 kids). My body paid for it: I felt more stressed and tensed and recently got a block in my upper back. I called the […]
Surprising health benefits of Taoist Tai Chi 0

Surprising health benefits of Taoist Tai Chi

Thanks to the intense practice of Taoist Tai ChiTM arts such as we have been able to do since last May, after confinement, the significant visual disturbances from which I had been suffering for about a year and a half, disappeared. The ophthalmologist, who had planned an operation of cataracts this year put it off […]
Personal practice in France 1

Personal practice in France

Personal practice during the quarantine I have been practicing Taoist Tai Chi for almost three years. I won’t list the myriad benefits it has given me, in terms of both physical and mental health and the changes in my life, as it would take too long to list them all. During confinement, I continued to […]
International Seniors‘ Day in France 0

International Seniors‘ Day in France

We celebrated the International Seniors Day on Nov 8th in Lamballe, France. We had an open door day, and new people either joined a beginners class or chose to follow an introductory class. In the meantime , a group of Senior kitchen hands learnt how to cook gluten free pastries in the kitchen. Biscuits which […]
Taoist Tai Chi and beach cleaning 0

Taoist Tai Chi and beach cleaning

On a sunny day in Brittany, the Taoist Tai Chi Society of France, in partnership with a local environmental conservation society, helped with a beach cleaning day. With both organisations keen to improve health and balance it was easy to work together in harmony. We had the opportunity to practice several times during the day […]
Demonstrations in Rennes – France 0

Demonstrations in Rennes – France

We had the chance to spend a half day of demos and discussions with people in the beautifull „Parc du Thabor“ in the city of Rennes. The day began with a potluck lunch and the setting up of the booth. We had the opportunity to make several demos in this peaceful place and thanks to […]
Taoist Tai ChiTM Arts and Community Fairs in France 0

Taoist Tai ChiTM Arts and Community Fairs in France

Every year in September, the TTCS  of France has the opportunity to showcase the Society’s activities. Most of the towns and villages where we have classes organize a Community Fair on the 1st or 2nd weekend of September. Information boards, videos, demos and discussions help us to Promote the activities of the Society. Traditionally, people […]
Program Report from Lamballe, France 0

Program Report from Lamballe, France

Taoist tai chi® is not slow. It’s a precise art which is very powerful. To repeat the instructions helps us to be connected with our inside feelings. There were 101 members who went to Lamballe, France from various countries and were taught by Andrew on the Saturday morning.  Andrew drove us to add more of […]
Lamballe celebrates Year of the Earth Dog 0

Lamballe celebrates Year of the Earth Dog

  On March 17th, 128 French members and their relatives celebrated the year of the earth dog in Lamballe. Philippe Hercouet and Stephane de Sallier Dupin as représentatives of the local authorities joined us for the celebration as well as Docteur Tessier from Saint Brieuc Hospital where he’s in charge of the rehabilitation department. A delicious […]
International Program in Lamballe 0

International Program in Lamballe

The French TTCS members were very excited about welcoming Sean Dennison as the leader of the last weekend workshop in Lamballe. Sean helped us to find Don-yus and Tor-yus in the set. The more we can find them in the set, the best we improve our practice and our health. He helped us to look […]
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