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The Dragon's Head Blog: „One More Time!” – Ottawa Branch evening Intensive, Nov 2nd, 2015

Monday November 2nd, the Ottawa Branch of FLK/TTC hosted an evening Intensive at the Carling Centre. This was the last Intensive on the Branch’s 2015 calendar.  With more than 50 people attending, and a bake sale going on as well, our fundraising was in excess of $1,400.  The focus for the evening was on “spirit up” and on the benefits of the resulting alignment.  Additionally we had small group discussions on how propriety is an integral part of our culture.

And there was a surprise announcement to close the evening.  “One more time!”  In response to a suggestion made during the recent Central Region Weekend, the Branch has added another Intensive to its 2015 schedule.  To help support work at the new International Centre in Dunedin we will host a final daytime Intensive Friday, December 4th, 10 am to 1 pm.  It will be followed by a potluck lunch.  All are welcome!

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