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Blog: The Dragon's Head

Elvelangs 1


What is “Elvelangs” (along the river)? Every last Thursday evening of the year near the autumn equinox the electric lighting next to Akerselva (Akers River) is replaced by 4000 torches. […]
Something Old, Something New … 0

Something Old, Something New …

Nice things happen…   On a beautiful Sunday morning in Lisbon, out of the blue, while doing our summer open practice in Jardim da Estrela we were surprised by this […]
Florida Hurricane Update 0

Florida Hurricane Update

Now that Harvey and Irma have moved on we begin hearing about the reality of the storms’ impact. Many are assessing loss and damage, working with insurance companies, FEMA, Emergency […]
Tai Chi at the Beach in Dunedin, Florida 0

Tai Chi at the Beach in Dunedin, Florida

This past Labor Day weekend participants of the Dunedin, Florida branch went to the beach to spread the word. A day to spend time in the community of Dunedin. Lots […]
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