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Blog: The Dragon's Head

Letting go…more 0

Letting go…more

As I practice during this lockdown I’ve learnt some amazing things. First, to let go, something I thought I had already achieved! Being told to self-isolate after returning home from […]
Every-day discovery 0

Every-day discovery

I have always known that Tai Chi works miracles on my health, but during this lockdown I have rediscovered its benefits in a more in-depth way, thanks to the perseverance […]
Personal Practice – USA 1

Personal Practice – USA

This is a thank you for giving us such rich guidance during this time of self cultivation. The chanting sessions on Sat. mornings are such an opportunity for coming together […]
Opportunity in Crisis 3

Opportunity in Crisis

During the early days of “Stay home, protect the NHS, Save lives” my feelings of concern, uncertainty and worry were quite strong (due to being categorized in a vulnerable group). […]
Putting health first 1

Putting health first

Since  ‘chanting for the world’ on Saturday, I’ve been thinking about the new challenge of engaging consistently with my practice. I am lucky that I have space both inside and […]
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