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Blog: The Dragon's Head

Praktyka chantingu 0

Praktyka chantingu

Praktyka chantingu To był mój drugi raz, gdy brałam udział w chantingu on-line. I takie wyzwanie! 60 stron! No pogubię się i co będzie!A tu wielka niespodzianka dla mnie samej […]
Personal Practice – USA 1

Personal Practice – USA

Solo practice has changed and deepened both my acceptance of change and my Taoist Tai Chi® practice.  It has been fascinating to notice how my daily practice changes.  It’s not “just […]
A happy constraint 0

A happy constraint

I must say that, until recently, I was not constant in my individual practice: a few exercises and only occasionally, given that our club was there for practicing with the […]
Personal Practice – USA 0

Personal Practice – USA

The Joy of Tai Chi “Saturday morning chanting and discussions have been my source of Taoist Tai Chi ® practice during the pandemic. I appreciated encouraging words from the international leaders by sharing […]
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