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Letting Go of Worry, Anxiety and Stress

Taoist Tai Chi® practice is a powerful way to let go of worry and anxiety.

Everyone experiences stress, whether it is about work, relationships or our health. We are also constantly bombarded with disturbing news about the state of the world. How can we find relief from all this anxiety and struggle?

Taoism teaches that worry is a type of holding on, a “hooking of the heart.” Through Taoist Tai Chi® practice, as we discover how to let go, our hearts relax and gradually become lighter and softer.

We learn to let go physically and emotionally, bringing us calm relaxation, a deep feeling of well-being, openness and clarity. This helps us take care of the challenges of life while keeping balanced, healthy and joyful.

“In studying, each day you gain something. In following Tao, each day you lose something … You take possession of the world by never interfering. No matter how much you interfere, you will never possess the world.”

Laozi, Dao De Jing (Chapter 48)

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Life Changing Stories

Hear stories of participants letting go of worry, anxiety, and stress through Taoist Tai Chi® practice.


Man 1: At the time that I was then I started Tai Chi, I was a trial lawyer and I’d been a trial lawyer for quite a while. It’s a very high-stress occupation.

Man 2: I’ve had a lot of anxiety attacks. I used to get anxiety attacks with super pain right across my chest here, really like a heart attack, but it wasn’t it was just pain, really bad anxiety.

Woman 1: I have a very stressful high-pressure job and, do you know, would quite often arrive at the club rooms all hunched over and you know just full of the stress of the day.

Man 2: I was worried all the time because [ ] and the more I worried, the more problems I had physically. Everything was very high stress. I’m very… how will I say it… speaking to you would have been very difficult.

Woman 2: I was diagnosed with IBS when I saw the doctor, because of the stress. So, I kind of took it all on my system. [interviewer – “what is IBS?”] – irritable bowel syndrome.

Man 2: So I signed up for the three-month course then, and I did the three months. After a couple months, my back pain started getting better, my knees felt better, and… the physical part was really quick.

Woman 1: The instructor would say “open up” and “extend the spine” and I would go “what day? I feel great to be walking” and “it’s good to be able to do Taoist Tai Chi®.”

Woman 3: I found myself really relaxing and finding this meditative quality to it that really helped me, you know, deal with at the time, you know, some stressful life situations.

Woman 2: I think I handle stress better now. I feel more… I feel more energetic in terms of like this calm energy that is very hard to describe.

Man 1: I just realized that whenever I went into class and I just started the first move of Tai Chi – which just starts like this – by the time I got here… there was nothing on my mind at all. I was completely relaxed, the stress was gone, and that’s what really got me kind of hooked on Tai Chi.

Woman 2: It’s not just, you know, graceful synchronized slow motion or slow movements that looks so pretty and peaceful; No, it’s much more than that. It had a lot of great impact on me physically and mentally.

Man 2: Waking up in the morning, I stretch out in bed and nothing hurts. For me that’s amazing, and I want to get up and do the day. That’s what keeps me going; I wake up and I feel good.

Woman 3: Because I realize how much it helped me for clearing my mind and helping me cope with things. I think a lot of the teaching from the Tai Chi is not just about the physical, and so I feel like it helps me spiritually and emotionally.

Man 2: You’re not alone with your stress you know; there’s lots of help out there in the Tai Chi world.

Man 1: Yeah, I think like most trial lawyers, I was really a triple A personality, you know AAA. With Tai Chi now I’m probably maybe a B, B minus, B plus. My life has changed dramatically, really from the Tai Chi.

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Participant Reflections

“It is amazing how Taoist Tai Chi® practice has become so much a part of my daily practice of LIFE. Letting go of worry, opening my heart, calming my mind, nurturing my body. I am grateful for, and I feel blessed to be awakened to, the Taoist Tai Chi® arts.”

– Cathy, Canada

“I am now identifying and dealing with the physical and mental effects of worry. This is tough even on a good day, but I’m getting better through my Taoist Tai Chi® practice.”

– Rob, Canada

“Worry and anxiety hurt. Practicing Taoist Tai Chi®️ arts helps me let go, regain perspective, and feel joyful.”

– Theresa, Canada

Cultivate health and well-being with Taoist Tai Chi® arts

The whole body approach of Taoist Tai Chi® arts has a profound effect on all aspects of our health and well being. Mind, body and spirit are deeply nourished and transformed.

Taoist Tai Chi® practice involves a full range of motion with deep stretching and continuous turning of the spine. It exercises the whole physiology including muscular, skeletal and circulatory systems, as well as tendons, joints, connective tissue and organs, increasing strength, flexibility and resilience, whatever our condition. It is a form of moving meditation that has a penetrating and relaxing effect on the nervous system and the brain, reducing anxiety, lightening the spirit, calming and clearing the mind.

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