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International Centre Orangeville
Return to the Center

Return to the Center

Recently I took the opportunity to return to the International Center.  The main entrance was closed, so a new gate could be constructed.  I drove slowly via a path carved through the forest, behind the pond.  I welcomed this slower pace as it gave me more solitary time to reflect on the beauty of nature […]
Dunedin City Leaders Visit Our International Centre

Dunedin City Leaders Visit Our International Centre

Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism directors welcomed guests from Dunedin, Florida, to our International Centre this weekend, including the city’s Mayor Julie Bujalski, Deputy Mayor John Tomga, and city Commissioners and officials.  The Dunedin group were on an annual visit to Toronto and accepted an invitation extended by President Marsha Eberhardt to visit the […]
一干二净  Cleaning the Kitchen

一干二净 Cleaning the Kitchen

Yat guon yi jang is a Chinese idiom meaning either very clean or thoroughly/completely and as such is a particularly appropriate title for a post about thoroughly cleaning the kitchen here at the International Centre in Orangeville. We took everything out, scrubbed down the equipment, floors, walls, and shelves, hosed them off, organised everything, and […]
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