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The Dragon's Head Blog: Offering Comfort for Souls

Accumulate virtue and continue to do good deeds.
Help people while they are living, comfort them while they are dying or after death.
Moy Lin Shin – May 1998
In keeping with Master Moy Lin Shin’s guidance, All Souls Festival has been observed at the D’Arcy St Temple, Wong Dai Sin Temple, and the International Centre over the past month.
Confucian and Taoist sutras have been chanted to benefit lost souls and thousands of pieces of paper money have been rolled to be burned in gift bags for the deceased. The kitchens have also been busy cooking jai – vegetarian – food as this is the diet observed during the Festival.
Participants and members of the Chinese community request temporary memorial plaques, which are installed in the Memorial Halls to invite ancestors and loved ones to be present and cared for during the Festival.
Permanent memorial plaques can also be installed at D’Arcy St, Wong Dai Sin and the Centre, where incense and tea are offered daily. The Centre has a cemetery and columbarium for interments. Contact for more information.

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