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Blog: The Dragon's Head

Transformation and Training 0

Transformation and Training

The focusing theme for the annual New Zealand Instructor Training Weekend was transformation. The weekend, attended by  more than 90 per cent of instructors, was important for instructors to come […]
Season’s Greetings from NZ 0

Season’s Greetings from NZ

  A group from the Bay of Plenty Branch go down to the beach by Kulim Park, BBQ, a set, some dessert and time for some fun on the water.  […]
A wonderful day of tor-yus 0

A wonderful day of tor-yus

October 2016 Tauranga NZ: This is the second international program I’ve been to since starting tai chi 18 months ago. It started with a long journey from the Auckland region, […]
26FIVE Challenge in New Zealand 0

26FIVE Challenge in New Zealand

  In New Zealand this year we challenged our participants to do tai chi for 26 consecutive days – representing the 26 years of Taoist Tai Chi® arts in our […]
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