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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there instruction outside of regular classes?

There are other programs available that offer extended instruction - from 3 hour intensives to 5 day programs. They offer an opportunity to work at a deeper level and to practice longer, which allows the body to absorb the instruction. Programs that focus on arts such as Meditation, Lok Hup, Hsing-I, Sword, Sabre and other aspects of Taoist training are also available. Participants are always encouraged to attend programs at our International Centre.

Is there more to learn after beginning classes?

There is great depth to these arts and many find they are on a path of lifelong learning. Our organization provides classes and programs to help participants continue to progress along this path.

What if I don’t have a good memory?

Having a good memory is not required. Many people find that practising the Taoist Tai Chi® arts helps their memory improve.

What if I’m not coordinated?

Taoist Tai Chi® arts are a way for everyone to improve health and well-being. All are welcome regardless of ability, health challenges or previous experience.

What if I have health challenges?

Most people can practice Taoist Tai Chi® arts, even those with advanced chronic conditions or those who use a wheelchair. Numerous health problems, illnesses and traumatic injuries have improved with regular practice. Many branches offer Health Recovery classes to help those with particular challenges.  Those with serious health problems or anyone who is pregnant should consult with both their instructor and their physician before beginning Taoist Tai Chi® arts.

What should I wear?

We recommend flat shoes and comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely.

Can I learn Taoist Tai Chi® arts using videos or books?

Videos and books can serve as aids to learning. They do not replace the role of a trained instructor who can offer specific feedback and support as you progress in your practice. Having an instructor helps you develop deeper understanding and connections as you continue to learn.

Who are the instructors?

All our instructors are volunteers who have been accredited by the National Instruction Coordination Committee for their country. Instructors maintain their accreditation through ongoing training.

How do I find a class?

Click here to find out about what we offer at locations around the world. You are also welcome to email, phone or visit us in person during class times.

What is a beginner class?

The beginner class experience is enjoyable and relaxing. Instructors focus on helping students find balance, feel comfortable, and have fun while they learn the movements of the 108 move set.

How long is the beginning class and what is the format?

Beginning classes are offered in a variety of formats to allow people to find a learning pace that is best for them.  Classes are often weekly and take about three months to complete. There are also beginning weekends that are a popular way to be introduced to Taoist Tai Chi® arts. Participants are encouraged to go to as many classes as they wish.

What does it cost?

Contact your nearest location for contribution amounts. Your contribution allows you to participate in the Taoist Tai Chi® arts at that location and around the world.