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Personal Reflections

In Tune
“(For me), the concept ‘in tune’ has also changed from an absolute to a balanced feeling” Read More

- Yvonne, Netherlands

Just Start
“The most important thing is just to start and not to worry about how much or how long or whether the form is perfect.” Read More

- Christine, Ontario

Balance in the Centre
“For me the last two years have been about discovering how to sit quietly at the centre of the storm.” Read More

- Christine, Ontario

From the Heart
“Beginning Taoist Tai Chi™ arts saved me from an uncertain future.” Read More

- Gilbert, Alberta

A Friendlier Future
“For years I had felt so tightly bound/constricted, so stiff at a relatively young age. Now I felt an expanse of inner space. Easier to breathe, to relax, to enjoy others and the world around me with fresh eyes.” Read More

- Terryl, Alberta

“I can feel that I am discovering an internal softness... an allowing, a dissolving (of tightness)... just let it go.” Read More

- Barb, Ontario

Solidité | Solidity
“Quand la souplesse est accompagnée de la solidité dans les deux pieds, on devient bien outillée pour les jours à venir. | When flexibility is accompanied by solidity in both feet, we become well equipped for the days to come.” Read More

- Odette, Québec

In Harmony with Nature
“The deliberate slowness of Taoist Tai Chi® practice harkens back to a simpler, more natural past and allows us to get in touch with the essential rhythm of our humanness.” Read More

- Warren, Saskatchewan

Dejar ir a la transformacion | Letting Go into Transformation
“He dejado ir esa lucha, esa impotencia, aceptando las crisis y observando a mi hija con compasión. | I have let go of that struggle, that helplessness, accepting the crises and observing my daughter with compassion.” Read More

- Ester, Spain

Ça prend du temps | It Takes Time
“Je rencontrerai d’autres difficultés le long de mon chemin, mais le lien avec les autres et la leçon que j’ai apprise ici m’aideront à les surmonter. | I will encounter other difficulties along my path, but the connection with the community and the lessons I have learned here will help me overcome them.” Read More

- Christiane, Québec

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