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Personal Reflections

Read participants’ reflections on their self-practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Un monde de différence | A World of Difference
“J’ai compris que bien au-delà d’une stabilité externe qui m’empêche de tomber, cet équilibre profond se transpose jusque dans les autres aspects de ma vie : ma famille, le travail, les situations de stress et mes émotions. | I have come to understand that, far beyond an external stability that prevents me from falling, this deep balance is transposed to other aspects of my life: family, work, stressful situations and emotions.” Read More

- Charline, Canada

Overcoming the Most Difficult Challenges
“More than two years of conversations, sharing experiences, chanting, self-practice of Taoist Tai Chi® arts have strengthened my body and mind, helping to be able to face the challenges and overcome anxiety, stress, and worries, first during the Covid-19 pandemic, and later during the war.” Read More

- Katya, Ukraine

Applying the Principles
“I stand straighter and pay attention to where I am looking (not down at the pavement) so I am more balanced much less likely to trip and fall (as I have done in the past)!” Read More

- Anne, Ontario

Compassion, Forgiveness and Release
“I was meditating and I got a feeling of great compassion for my mother with myself as a child, and through the compassion I found forgiveness. Letting go of this pain and experiencing compassion, forgiveness and love is profound.” Read More

- Nis, Denmark

Acceptance is not Resignation
“Helping people who suffer from chronic pain understand the long-term gain that practising Taoist Tai Chi® arts will give them... well that is something to talk about! They need to hear words like ‘make it a habit’, ‘take control of your pain’, ‘this is a tool you can trust’, ‘this practice will not let you down’, ‘consistency of practice plus time is a formula for decreasing your pain’. It is putting power back in the hands of pain suffers who have been in a state of anxiety and loss for many years.” Read More

- Barbara Tracey, New Brunswick

Trova Tesori | Finding Treasures
“Così so che posso cadere, che ci sono e ci saranno alti e bassi, perché la vita è la vita! ma so anche che c’è un porto calmo nel mio cuore a cui posso tornare ogni momento. | I know that there are and there will be ups and downs, because life is life! but I also know that there is a quiet harbor in my heart that I can return to, every moment.” Read More

- Lucia, Italy

Letting Go of Anxiety
“(Sharing this practice is) helping me understand that I need to work on it steadily and thereby reduce anxiety little by little, rather than expecting to conquer anxiety once and for all.” Read More

- Matt, Texas

Relaxing the Heart
“Every day is a new day and a chance for exploration of self, and through our Taoist Tai Chi® practice at home we can all do this.” Read More

- Wendy, Australia

Opening the Heart
“(My practice) helped me let go of everything difficult: the fear, the sadness, the anger, the pain and so on. In fact, I was really surprised to discover a great joy. The joy of living, of helping, of listening, of learning, of moving without a constant burden.” Read More

- Sylvie, Québec

Menici se Perspektivy | Changing Perspectives
Taoist Tai Chi® practice was not tied to the place and time - this knowledge that gave me a sense of peace and security; the knowledge that I have a treasure from which to draw.” Read More

- Norik, Slovakia

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