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Personal Reflections

Read participants’ reflections on their self-practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Looking Inward to Look Outward
“Knowing that I am OK allows me to not worry about myself and instead look outward to discover what I can do to help others.” Read More

- Kathy, USA

Nourish the Heart
“I am happy I had the opportunity to recognize this (sudden shocking discovery) and I make the resolution to resume constant, consistent practice and to preserve and nourish the heart part and make the rest (the brain part) less intrusive.” Read More

- Paoletta, Italy

A Path to Follow
“Daily practice of the eight virtues tames my heart and brings direction and meaning to my life. I am grateful for the wisdom of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts.” Read More

- Cathy, Ontario

Just Practice
“I didn’t appreciate until years later just how truly profound that advice was. There were no shortcuts. Just practice.” Read More

- Claire, Saskatchewan

Příležitost v obtížích | Opportunity in Difficulty
“Čas, ktorý máme na náš individuálny tréning nám dáva možnosť objavovať samých seba na úrovniach, o ktorých sme nemali potuchy. | The time we have for our individual training gives us the opportunity to discover ourselves at levels we have no idea about” Read More

- Michal, Slovakia

Gaining Trust
“I was very fortunate to have found the Taoist Tai Chi® arts almost twenty years ago now, especially when I witness my siblings still to this day struggling with the effects of our tough childhood.” Read More

- Sandra, Great Britain

Calme l’esprit | Calm the Mind
“Ça calmait mon esprit, ça me reconnectait avec mon corps et...mes douleurs au dos se sont atténuées et j’ai retrouvé un peu plus de souplesse. | It calmed my mind, reconnected me with my body and... my back pain subsided and I regained a little bit more flexibility.” Read More

- Sylvie, Québec

Flexibilité | Flexibility
“Ma pratique avec les séances et ma pratique personnelle m'a aidée à garder une flexibilité qui s’est répercutée sur mon état d'esprit. | My personal practice as well as the sessions have helped me to keep a flexibility that has been reflected in my state of mind.” Read More

- Carole, Québec

Feeling the Benefits
“I have noticed improvements in my balance, and flexibility, my niggly thoracic pain has gone, I have full range of arm movements and I can pick up my grandchildren.” Read More

- Michele, Australia

Learning to Dance in the Rain
“I find myself calmer and willing to listen when dealing with certain situations, rather than reacting and possibly escalating the situation.” Read More

- Bob, Alberta

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