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Every Saturday morning our participants are chanting for the world! Up to a thousand people from 26 countries gather, physically apart yet many, chanting for all. As the coronavirus has spread across the globe, there has been and continues to be much pain, anxiety and distress. We chant with the intention to care for the world and to relieve suffering. At the same time, participants find the chanting brings joy and strength to themselves.

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Bo Hui Jaan
Goon Yam Gau Foo Ging
Daai Bei Jau
Three Religions Texts

What practitioners are saying about Taoist chanting

I have really been enjoying the chanting on Saturday mornings, and the discussions afterwards. It really helps us all, I’m sure, to stay connected to our practice, and to feel a part of the whole. Last Saturday was particularly great. It being the anniversary of Master Moy’s passing there was a very special feeling. I need to remember that feeling every day of course!

Master Moy helped me so much with my overall health. He encouraged me very strongly to chant. It has been and continues to be very healing and uplifting for me. When we chant together I feel the resonance quite powerfully in my mind, body and spirit. It is so great that we are doing this for the world!!

– Barb, Ontario


I am writing to share my experience today with the chanting and discussion on Zoom.

I continue to appreciate the opportunity to chant with everyone. My chanting felt very natural and felt that the sound was in harmony with the Chanting recording.

I recalled the following: I had the opportunity in the 1980’s to chant for some time on the weekends with Chanters at the FLK temple on Bathurst and Master Moy was often there. On one occasion we were chanting at the memorial altar, the Goon Yam Gao Foo Ging and the Dai Bay Jao and Master Moy said, “It is as though the person (Deceased) is standing right here with you.” Master Moy’s words underscored the immediacy of the relationship with the deceased and the chanting ritual at that moment.

So today recalling this memory, While chanting the Goon Yam Gao Foo Ging, I had a feeling of Master Moy’s presence ( in my mind’s eye I saw Master Moy wearing a royal blue shirt). I was saddened briefly but then continued chanting, feeling that Master Moy’s presence was with us and as the Directors have mentioned his legacy is alive and the FLK organization continues to grow and the teachings appreciated and experienced on a profound level by many.

– Linda, Ontario


I feel very grateful to be able to join a worldwide community to chant, to do our little part to help relieve the suffering of the world, and to cultivate ourselves.

I especially appreciated being able to hear and follow the recording. Along with my own voice following, it felt like I was chanting in harmony with a MUCH larger group, and with a stronger intention.

All the comments from our leadership group resonated and will continue to serve as a compass for my daily practice at home until we can meet personally again.

Thank you all so much for this opportunity!

– Bernice, Ontario, Canada

Master Moy often encouraged us to talk about the International aspect of our organization, and to think of ourselves as a family. Being a part of the Saturday chanting sessions and hearing the discussions, reminds me that where ever we are, we are not alone, and that we are all supported by each others practice.

– Chris, Ontario


I’ve just come off the Monday morning chanting and wanted to thank you all.

I’ve never really taken part in much chanting before and it was a couple of weeks before I joined the Saturday international sessions. I’ve found it both uplifting and liberating. I can belt out the chant without fear of putting off the person in front with my tunelessness and mispronunciation, consequently I’m becoming more familiar with the different chants.

The talk afterwards… well, how lucky are we? All the international instructors sharing their knowledge and experiences with us. It’s like being on retreat each week. It has really helped me as a BC to answer people’s questions and I’m trying to encourage as many as I can to join the chanting.

And now the Monday morning sessions as well, what a wonderful feeling of togetherness, how lovely to see the faces of friends who live so far away.

I fear I might be sounding a bit sentimental but I have a whoosh of feeling for the Tai Chi family I’m missing.

The other consequence of these sessions is that I immediately want to go and practise, so I’m off to practise my danyus.

– Fran, United Kingdom


This morning I participated in a zoom chanting session with people from 22 different countries including folks from Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, the U.S. and Canada joined together: 1,000 voices chanting for the world.

The most touching moment for me came at the end when everyone was saying goodbye.

We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow or the day after, but for a moment the ‘power’ of 1,000 voices and 1,000 faces coming together was comforting and bracing.

We are not alone…

Sincere thanks to everyone who is working together to make this happen.

– Denise, Ontario, Canada

I’d thought about joining the chanting on Saturdays for a couple of weeks, but hadn’t quite plucked up the courage. I’m very much a ‘beginner’, at the start of my Tai Chi journey, and lacking confidence, but joining with others, doing something I’d never done before was tempting.

So, this week, I thought I’d give it a go. And I’m so glad I did.

Joining with so many others across the world with one aim, I felt connected. I felt quite overwhelmed at one point, and emotional, but connected. Chanting with one voice and with so
many. It was powerful.

And equally as powerful were the words spoken, both before and after the chanting : the explanation of the ceremony; the lighting of the incense; the bowing… I could relate to it all.

And afterwards… the shared stories, the shared emotions and experiences. I was moved, and blinking hard by the close of the meeting. And feeling grateful.

– anonymous beginner 

This was my 4th week of chanting on the zoom call and I left with a feeling of extreme gratitude and appreciation for this opportunity and for this organization.

My Taoist Tai Chi® practice is keeping me calm and content during this pandemic, even though I am vulnerable due to my medical issues. Master Moy’s teaching of quiet internal cultivation from chanting and the messages from our leaders about taking this time to develop discipline in our own practice as well as taking the opportunity to change has helped me better understand that we really are responsible for our own learning.

Having the time to reflect on my own practice and really get in touch internally has reawakened an understanding of just how powerful this art is. There is a stillness of mind, body and spirit now that I am not thinking, just doing.

I want to thank you for this chanting opportunity, for sharing your thoughts and for your dedication to keeping Master Moy’s vision alive.

– Anne, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

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