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Stroke Rehabilitation and Taoist Tai Chi™ arts

Taoist Tai Chi™ practice can help with the mental, physical and emotional challenges  of a stroke. Many people gain flexibility, freedom of movement,  energy and clarity of thought. Most importantly, they find a fuller enjoyment of life.

Through gentle stretching and turning of the spine, Taoist Tai Chi™ arts have a deep effect on the brain. They exercise the whole physiology,  building coordination and new neural pathways through balanced, natural movement. 

Taoist Tai Chi™ practice is also a form of moving meditation that calms and clears the mind, cultivating a feeling of lightness and well-being as well as deep strength.


“I often forget I had a stroke last December. I have regained 100% of the mental and physical loss through the practice of Taoist Tai Chi® arts!”

Dave, Canada

Think Clearly · Move Freely · Enjoy Life

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Sasha’s Story of Stroke Recovery through Taoist Tai Chi® practice

“After nine strokes I couldn’t walk, talk, see or eat. I had to start over again. Taoist Tai Chi® practice has given me my life back!”

– Sasha, British Canada


What are participants recovering from stroke saying about Taoist Tai Chi® practice?

“My stroke was caused by high blood pressure and stress. Taoist Tai Chi® practice helps lower my blood pressure and is very calming because it puts me in the moment.”

– Alice, Canada

Taoist Tai Chi® practice has been positive in my recovery and ongoing rehabilitation after suffering a major stroke in January of 2016. I joined about 6 months after the stroke at which time I was using a walker. Within a few months I abandoned it!

The help, instruction and motivation I have received on my Taoist Tai Chi® journey has not only helped me in walking again but in thinking of myself as a survivor, not a victim.”

– Brian, Canada

“I started for back problems. I have been pain free for 11 years. I often forget I had a stroke last December. I have regained 100% of the mental and physical loss through the practice of Taoist Tai Chi® arts!

– Dave, Canada

Cultivate health and well-being with Taoist Tai Chi® arts

The whole body approach of Taoist Tai Chi® arts has a profound effect on all aspects of our health and well being. Mind, body and spirit are deeply nourished and transformed.

Taoist Tai Chi® practice involves a full range of motion with deep stretching and continuous turning of the spine. It exercises the whole physiology including muscular, skeletal and circulatory systems, as well as tendons, joints, connective tissue and organs, increasing strength, flexibility and resilience, whatever our condition. It is a form of moving meditation that has a penetrating and relaxing effect on the nervous system and the brain, reducing anxiety, lightening the spirit, calming and clearing the mind.

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