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Riflessioni personali

Leggi le riflessioni scritte dai partecipanti sulla propria pratica personale durante la pandemia da COVID-19.

Looking Inward to Look Outward
“Knowing that I am OK allows me to not worry about myself and instead look outward to discover what I can do to help others.” Leggi di più

- Kathy, USA

Nourish the Heart
“I am happy I had the opportunity to recognize this (sudden shocking discovery) and I make the resolution to resume constant, consistent practice and to preserve and nourish the heart part and make the rest (the brain part) less intrusive.” Leggi di più

- Paoletta, Italy

A Path to Follow
“Daily practice of the eight virtues tames my heart and brings direction and meaning to my life. I am grateful for the wisdom of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts.” Leggi di più

- Cathy, Ontario

Just Practice
“I didn’t appreciate until years later just how truly profound that advice was. There were no shortcuts. Just practice.” Leggi di più

- Claire, Saskatchewan

Příležitost v obtížích | Opportunity in Difficulty
“Čas, ktorý máme na náš individuálny tréning nám dáva možnosť objavovať samých seba na úrovniach, o ktorých sme nemali potuchy. | The time we have for our individual training gives us the opportunity to discover ourselves at levels we have no idea about” Leggi di più

- Michal, Slovakia

guadagnare fiducia
“Sono stata molto fortunata ad aver trovato le arti del Taoist Tai Chi™ quasi vent'anni fa, specialmente quando vedo i miei fratelli ancora oggi alle prese con gli effetti della nostra dura infanzia. ” Leggi di più

- Sandra, Gran Bretagna

Calme l’esprit | Calm the Mind
“Ça calmait mon esprit, ça me reconnectait avec mon corps et...mes douleurs au dos se sont atténuées et j’ai retrouvé un peu plus de souplesse. | It calmed my mind, reconnected me with my body and... my back pain subsided and I regained a little bit more flexibility.” Leggi di più

- Sylvie, Québec

Flexibilité | Flexibility
“Ma pratique avec les séances et ma pratique personnelle m'a aidée à garder une flexibilité qui s’est répercutée sur mon état d'esprit. | My personal practice as well as the sessions have helped me to keep a flexibility that has been reflected in my state of mind.” Leggi di più

- Carole, Québec

Feeling the Benefits
“I have noticed improvements in my balance, and flexibility, my niggly thoracic pain has gone, I have full range of arm movements and I can pick up my grandchildren.” Leggi di più

- Michele, Australia

Learning to Dance in the Rain
“I find myself calmer and willing to listen when dealing with certain situations, rather than reacting and possibly escalating the situation.” Leggi di più

- Bob, Alberta

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