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The Dragon's Head Blog: Return to the Center

Recently I took the opportunity to return to the International Center.  The main entrance was closed, so a new gate could be constructed.  I drove slowly via a path carved through the forest, behind the pond.  I welcomed this slower pace as it gave me more solitary time to reflect on the beauty of nature and feel the peace, contentment and clarity of thought that happens when one is at the Center.  I entered another world as I drove along this path.

In the past few months I have enjoyed volunteering at the International Center, returning, in a small way, to a pre-pandemic routine.  It feels spiritually rewarding to contribute to the common good by completing essential tasks, spending a day, weeks or months at the Center.  Being at the Center is allowing me to find a new rhythm, as uncertainties are let go and new realities are accommodated.  

Many hands make light work and helping out deepens the harmony and balance within us as well as within Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism.  Reconnecting with old friends and the camaraderie among fellow volunteers enhances the family feelings and supportive nature of our organization.


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