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The Dragon's Head Blog: Pain Relief Week – International Center Florida

Feeling every move and ‘not holding’ were the directions given participants
attending the February 2019 pain relief workshop held at the FLK
International Tai Chi Centre in Dunedin, Florida. Our work focused on
feeling every move throughout the set and ‘not holding’ while turning the
spine, dropping elbows and arms, expanding diagonally, laterally and
vertically, and coiling forearms and hands.  We did many Tai Chi sets – some
of us seated, some standing – and worked in depth on all the moves up to and
including strike tigers.

Highlights of our five days included two visits to the Fenway Hotel – one to
view the sunset from the rooftop terrace and the other to assist in leading
senior managers from the City of Dunedin through the first four moves of the
Tai Chi set. We also participated in a Dunedin branch continuing class and
had wonderful lunches in several of Dunedin’s excellent restaurants.

By the end of the week, we all felt better, energized, confident and relaxed.

Quotes from participants of the Pain Relief Workshop at the Florida International Tai Chi Centre in Dunedin – February 2019-

“Any time you attend a five day Tai Chi workshop, you have remarkable improvement. That was my experience at this workshop.”  David, Columbus, Ohio
“The subtlety of the instruction in strike tiger made a profound difference, as I experienced internal lifting. ”  Ann, Knoxville, Tennessee
” While I did not come to the workshop in pain, I am leaving feeling more open and relaxed.”  Larry, Columbus, Ohio
“What comes to mind right now is how much better I feel. The pain relief workshop worked for me. I have so much more range of motion in my shoulder, and I can’t wait to tell my therapist how much I have improved.”   Gloria, Cincinnati, Ohio
“Achieving the up and down from the diaphragm, rather than the shoulders, and practicing the Tai Chi walk will help my recovery.”  Janie, St. Petersburg, Florida
“Paying attention to the feeling of ‘not holding’ allowed me to relax my knees and hips. I feel much more comfortable doing danyus and toryus throughout the set.”   Laura, Gananoque, Ontario


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