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I feel that I am finally doing something for myself 0

I feel that I am finally doing something for myself

  I feel that I am finally doing something for myself, distracting myself from the “rat race” and the daily routine of the race. I consider it a luxury I can choose. Then I feel calmed down, satisfied with myself (!) And ready for normal functioning. Basia, Warsaw –Poland When I practice chanting, I feel […]
a set-saver on the wall 0

a set-saver on the wall

I work in an Epidemiology Department so, from the very beginning, the lock-down found me in so called smart working, meaning working at home with a big load, many hours a day, seven days a week. Tense and tired, I started practicing foundations, every now and then during the day, just to stretch and slow […]
Italy, first intensive of 2020 0

Italy, first intensive of 2020

In Florence last Saturday, after sharing the joy of practice in an intensive, the evening ended with a very Italian Tiramisù prepared by a member, to participate in the launch of the Society 50th anniversary!     Best wishes to all of us, lucky heirs of Master Moy’s teachings, all around the world 
Demonstrations in Rennes – France 0

Demonstrations in Rennes – France

We had the chance to spend a half day of demos and discussions with people in the beautifull “Parc du Thabor” in the city of Rennes. The day began with a potluck lunch and the setting up of the booth. We had the opportunity to make several demos in this peaceful place and thanks to […]
International Senior’s Day in Brussels 0

International Senior’s Day in Brussels

    International Senior’s Day celebrates the end of the 5th season of partnership between the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Belgium and the City of Brussels. The program included free introduction class, demos of the set, standing and seated, and foundations. On a beautiful sunny day, passers-by and seniors could simply follow the flow […]
Harmony in Essex 0

Harmony in Essex

Essex is a county in Great Britain where many people practise Taoist Tai ChiTM arts. On Wednesday participants from South East Essex hired a coach and joined others in North East Essex for chanting and tai chi. Everyone enjoyed meeting up together and sharing lunch. We love to have people visit the Taoist Tai Chi […]
Awareness Day in the Netherlands 0

Awareness Day in the Netherlands

We just celebrated Awareness Day here in he Netherlands! Here are some of the aspects that we worked on last June 24th in Helmond, with participants from several branches: having fun, moving meditation, improving our quality of life, focusing on our attention, connecting both the inside and the outside world, enjoying being together, doing a demo in the city center to reach out to […]
Central Vancouver Island Regional Program in Vancouver 0

Central Vancouver Island Regional Program in Vancouver

Inspired by the example of Central Region hosting programs at the International Center in Florida, the Central Vancouver Island Branch organized a Regional Intensive at the Pacific Region Centre in Vancouver on Thursday, April 12. A bus-load of participants came by ferry to join a host of Vancouver participants in time to walk to a […]
Edmonton Sabre Program 0

Edmonton Sabre Program

It was an incredible experience coming together to learn the Sabre set in Edmonton, Canada.  There was an air of excitement and anticipation as 74 of us arrived. For most this would be the first time we would learn this set so we were beginners again, nervous yet eager. We learned that the connection comes […]
‘What are you working on?’ 0

‘What are you working on?’

Day One of the five-day International Program being held at the International Centre Florida brought enthusiastic participants working on our foundation exercises with special emphasis today on finding the tor-yu with Pegoty Packman. Sean Dennison led an exploration of the blueprint of our Taoist training illustrated by the picture of the Internals to answer the […]
Tired but happy after IAD 2016 0

Tired but happy after IAD 2016

We’re just back at the International Centre after a hot but wonderful day celebrating International Awareness Day at Yonge Dundas Square in Toronto. Delegates from the 25 countries practising Taoist Tai Chi® arts brought greetings, and a lively samba band played during the parade. Sixty-three curious passers-by dared to try the four first movements of […]
Tai chi adventures in wonderland 0

Tai chi adventures in wonderland

  There were tables and chairs set out across the room and the March Hare and the Hatter were having tea. A somewhat mad affair in Lewis Carroll’s version, but in Nelson, New Zealand, it was quite civilised – the Queen of Hearts didn’t shout “Off with his head!”   A huge amount of work […]
Semaine dété – Orangeville 2016 0

Semaine dété – Orangeville 2016

C’est ma première visite à Orangeville pour un atelier de cinq jours : «J’ai été impressionnée par l’organisation physique de la Société. Ici, les gens sont amicaux. Ils s’entraident. Il y a une ouverture par rapport aux autres. J’ai été émerveillée de voir Tony faire les mouvements. Il est à l’intérieur de lui-même. J’aime beaucoup observer […]
Summer days are here again 0

Summer days are here again

Summer Tai Chi week kicked off on June 29  with a great start.  The five-day workshop began at the International Centre Orangeville on a beautiful summer day, with 184 participants supported by 18 volunteers. On day one, participants received instruction from Tony Kwong on tory-us and dany-us. Following the instructions, participants took part in 24 […]
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