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The Dragon's Head Blog: The quiet centre of the workshop – Colchester, GB

Days 3 and 4 reach that wonderful quietness when everyone has connected more with their centre, and is harmoniously engaging with their tai chi neighbours in the rich and varied life of the programme:Morning chanting ....[gallery size="full" type="slideshow" ids="13851,13860,13861,13862,13863,13864,13865"]Tai chi instruction and practise ....[gallery size="full" type="slideshow" ids="13869,13871,13872,13873"]Lunch and clear away ....[gallery size="full" type="slideshow" ids="13853,13854,13855"]Tai chi instruction and practise, deeper, quieter ....[gallery size="full" type="slideshow" ids="13866,13867,13875,13876,13877,13878,13879,13881,13882"]Getting dinner ready with perfect timing ....[gallery size="full" type="slideshow" ids="13886,13884,13883,13885,13887,13888"]Eating together and practising cultural exchange ....[gallery size="full" type="slideshow" ids="13857,13858,13859"]Lok Hup practise ....[gallery size="full" type="slideshow" ids="13890,13891,13892,13893,13894,13895,13896,13897,13898,13899"]  

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