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The Dragon's Head Blog: Women and Taoist Arts Workshop at the International Center in Florida

Participants from all over the USA and Canada came together to participate in the weekend workshop lead by Joé Thibault and Nicole Morency.  Dr. Tatiana Huguenin from the Sarasota branch also gave a brief presentation on how Taoist Tai Chi® practice affects the body. Participants had many wonderful things to say after the program.

“A must for all. A workshop full of ways of getting moving. The internal feeling was the first for many. ” — Shelia B.

“Joé and Nicole were terrific! Really drilled down into some moves and made it enjoyable and liked their demonstration on how force and gentleness are compatible.” — Anonymous

“Brought deeper knowledge to the refinement of the moves and the spine’s connection to them.” — Deb N.

“What an incredible weekend! It feels so good to focus on making the moves softer and to find how the slow progression of each move allows us to open a little more. ” — Jessica S.

“As a guy attending the Women and Taoist Arts workshop I really appreciated the focus on softness in all the moves.  It helped smooth out my moves and made the set flow more easily.  One very important tip was to allow your gaze into the distance to mimic the moves of the spine.  This appeared to help everyone in the workshop keep their head up and focus on the turning throughout the set.  Although the focus was on women, us guys came out with many helpful pointers as well.  A great workshop!” — Al D.

“I felt that the level of tai chi at the workshop was extremely high.  Things were discussed at the workshop that I have never thought of before.  The most interesting thing was the approach, which was definitely feminine.  The emphasis was on softness and drawing rather than pushing or pulling.  What I learned at the workshop definitely brought my tai chi up to a higher level.   I would certainly attend another Women and Taoist Arts workshop in the future.” — Stephen S.

“The Women and Taoist Arts workshop was a profound learning experience. It answered several questions and seemed timely for many participants . The workshop moved us nicely along the road to softening and grounding our practice of tai chi. Joé and Nicole helped us move inside focusing on balance and structure. We saw progress and much work to be done, but we also saw that the softness makes our tai chi sustainable as we grow older. Add the Florida welcome and you have a memorable weekend.” — Robert S.

“This weekend women’s workshop was excellent and very relaxing. Both instructors were excellent and enjoyable and made the weekend fun for everyone. The main emphasis were the center line and timing and also the connection to your spine with each move. For the guys I would highly recommend this weekend workshop.” — Bill W.

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