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The Dragon's Head Blog: First International Workshop of 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic — Part I

As tradition dictates Prague hosts the first international workshop in Europe and did so last month.  Almost 230 participants from nine countries went to the heart of Europe.

Many of them were prodded by the good intentions that we make at the beginning of each new year, wanting to do something beneficial for our health. Andrew Hung led this workshop and he made us feel the powerful effects of Taoist Tai Chi® arts not only on our bodies but also on our minds. The instructions were simple — shift the weight gradually, finish the move to 110%, stand up and relax and let everything go and … smile.  For me, it was very interesting to watch Andrew constantly making sure that we understood the instructions and checking if we were able to integrate them into the practice. At the workshop there were a few people who had just finished their beginner class. Andrew welcomed them with open arms and helped them find the foundations and principles of Taoist Tai Chi® practice. It was also very interesting to see how Andrew tried to help a few participants suffering from multiple sclerosis, leading them to feel more intensely the improvement they can get from the practice.

I was very impressed by the analogy Andrew used:  comparing the continuous circular motion during the practice with kneading bread dough. Beside using only our strength we must involve our heart as well to make our bread excellent.  All together we kneaded our happy bread and I hope the others did enjoy it the same way I did. Thanks to all who selflessly helped during the international workshop, especially to Andrew for his endless energy.
— František, Praha

Thanks to all who worked on organizing and carrying out the workshop and also to those who helped create a great atmosphere simply with their presence. Thank you very much, I really felt homey atmosphere
— Iva, Třebíč

It was an extraordinary practice under the guidance of Andrew, who in a dedicated and personal way moved us higher and higher on our „mountain” ????. He helped us opening our minds and understanding our journey. Personally I can say that I enjoy following the journey very much.
— Jana, Prague

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