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The Dragon's Head Blog: Staying Strong in Great Britain – stories of individual practise, part 2


„We see each other at the Monday morning class, and decided to still have a chat on Monday mornings, to try and keep ourselves motivated. Well, my instructor motivated me to open the windows, do some foundations and a few Dan Yus, and it really helped, and of course great to keep in touch.” Maureen

„I’ve just had the letter telling me I’m in a higher risk category and must not go for walks as a form of exercise etc, so it’s more dan yus today for me.  Plus snakes, plus tor yus!  And tomorrow and the next day and ….   Having done the foundations and the set amount of Dan Yus daily since getting the 'call’,  I am already finding improvement in flexibility and stamina.  From a mental health point of view, it is providing a sense of purpose and focus. I am doing this level of exercise to meet the challenge which has been set, and because the lockdown is actually providing us with the luxury of enforced time, by curtailing our normal activities, where we are not required to do anything much except tend to ourselves for a change, instead of running about in the endless pursuit of fulfilment. If we have the sense, we will utilise the time to nurture ourselves, while protecting everyone else.”

„I really did appreciate; in fact I was and am very much in awe of the community-driven ethos of the Taoist Tai Chi® community. Tai Chi was recommended to me two years ago as a form of self-care, and a way of re-finding my balance. I hesitated for over a year on grounds of self-consciousness, but finally got to a place where I felt I could try it, last autumn. It has been brilliant! It may be because of the small group size, but also the constant message that you do as much as you feel you can; perfection of movement is not required; there’s not necessarily one single „right way”, but several „levels” of Tai Chi to tune into depending on what a person needs. I physically feel stronger; enjoy the relief of being able to mentally switch off/focus on Tai Chi for a couple of hours; find the history, ethos, logic behind the purpose of the various moves that has been shared, fascinating. Equally important to me has been the „refreshment break”; the opportunity to re-train and re-discover the ability to socialise and talk to people again. I can’t thank the Tai Chi class enough, and really can’t wait to be able to restart the lessons whenever they may be.”

„This week looks promising: yesterday was a good one, I did 100 dan yus, a set and about ten minutes of turning jong. I’ve really been working on the turning in particular, to keep my spine moving, as it can be really painful, plus being more conscious of the coiling connections. So, not so many dan yus, but more what feels right to work on. I practise when I can, physically, but find an hour before breakfast about the best time of day, especially outside on the back patio, which faces east, so facing the rising sun.” Julie – living with Parkinson’s disease

„Tai Chi has become a happy part of my every day routine, with aims to improve/understand. I am sure glad I attended last year’s retreats. Recalling the instructors; to check on my memory (’methods’) I have looked up my notes e.g. turning the spine, extending, contracting, dropping, shifting weight, empty step, 80%, grounded, hooked, horizon etc. I have accessed Master Moy on YouTube. Interesting information to glean. I see no reason for us all not to resume in the future. It goes without saying I do miss classes. ” Margaret

„Communicating by messaging has turned out great. A positive, combating the isolation (especially as I am only one in the home). Keeping in contact with friends and like-minded people is fun (sometimes my family do roll their eyes when I go on….and…on!!). I am getting to know fellow class mates: humour etc in their posts. I am- and probably others- are making a slot every day ( more often than in the past) to practice TC; not forgetting the danyu.”

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