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The Dragon's Head Blog: Springtime at the International Centre

Hardy Heather Group Spring Tai Chi 2016 Observing DanyusWeeding Together Salad Crew Push Hands Wave Hands - Right Sticky Hands Chanting
Nearly 130 participants from many parts of the globe arrived at the International Centre for Spring Tai Chi Week. Along with the blush of early spring the delicate blooms of the season and the hardy heather we came to learn and practice Taoist Tai Chi™ arts including, among other things, how to work together. For some, it was their first time at the International Centre, discovering that working together included not only Taoist Tai Chi™, but also chopping vegetables, doing dishes, chanting in the misty mornings and tending to the centre’s grounds.

With Chris Lewis as our instructor we learned the importance of helping each other find our own centre. This included observing and listening carefully to instruction and to people’s stories of transformation. Very subtly he challenged us to listen and observe our own body, to reflect upon our values and our own story. His quiet and thoughtful way encouraged us perhaps to do things differently, outside of our comfort zones.  Also there were many danyus and toryus and many, many rows of wave hands. He taught us that push hands (think sticky hands) would help us find a connection between our hands and feet. Slowly the synchronicity became evident and we began to stay together. Chris gave us a better understanding of how practising Taoist Tai Chi™ arts improves all aspects of our health – body, mind and spirit.

Leaving at the end of the week, we felt that we had improved our tai chi practice, that we had learned many lessons, and by participating wholeheartedly in the program, it helped us to continue and contribute to the richness of the Taoist Tai Chi™ arts given to us by Master Moy.

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