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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Center Florida Construction Update for the Week Ending May 1, 2016

Things are progressing at the International Center in Florida.

In building A, the historic Fenway Hotel, a mock-up room is being constructed to allow for changes that may be needed.









The electrical room had 12 feed lines installed under the footer and then concrete was poured to secure them. The feed lines will go from the transformer outside of the electrical room to the panels inside.

The door cutouts leading from the lobby to the pool area had vertical and horizontal beams welded in place for support of the east-facing wall.

Window installation continues in the southeast wing.  And finally a new roof was started on the northeast wing. Framing teams replaced all damaged wood.  Roofers are due out next week to dry in the roof. A tarp will be placed when rain is in the forecast.



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