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The Dragon's Head Blog: Opportunity in Crisis

During the early days of “Stay home, protect the NHS, Save lives” my feelings of concern, uncertainty and worry were quite strong (due to being categorized in a vulnerable group).

However, I was very soon directed to the invitation to “do 50 dan yus a day for 50 days” which helped shift my focus and offered me the chance to help myself in a positive manner.

I realised that here, within this sense of crisis, was an opportunity

Knowing I could join so many others in accepting the invitation to practise at home helped me embark on a routine, and soon practice at home took on a different significance. The weekly contact we have via emails, conference calls, and chanting and the discussions which follow, enabled me to develop a deeper and wider understanding of the benefits of personal practice during this current health crisis.

To ensure the transformation continues, and to avoid a sense of sameness/staleness, new goals were set. This meant rising early, and on to a brisk walk and practising Taoist Tai Chi® arts, followed by some moments for quiet reflection.

Now, I have an increasing sense of inner strength, calmness, stability, and a feeling that things in life are more balanced than they had been for some time!

I am now looking forward to the next 50 days and beyond, as I know the opportunity for further self-cultivation is possible and indeed available, to me. I am looking forward to working harder and wiser, to stay healthier and stronger for longer. Harry

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