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The Dragon's Head Blog: News From Mexico Branch

Carmen Landa reports from Mexico:

All members have reported safe. A few of them lost their houses and/or offices.
The building where our center space is has been evaluated by private engineers but not by the government yet. This means that we cannot enter into the building to see the damage.

The private experts have said that the main structure of the building is not damaged but the building will require investment to be fixed. I have been in contact with the administrator who has kept me posted on the developments.

I have called to a meeting this Saturday in Chapultepec Park to do a set or two to relax ourselves and others in the street, inform the group on the status of the building and find alternatives to keep the group together.”

Many branches and people around the world are chanting to relieve suffering. Many send prayers, good thoughts and good energy to you, that are impacted in so many ways.

Our hearts are with you.

Pegoty Packman

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