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The Dragon's Head Blog: National Workshop in Canberra, Australia

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) branch of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Australia had good reason to smile on Saturday 29th April when 82 members from Canberra, Perth, Sydney and Adelaide joined together to celebrate ACT’s 25th anniversary at a national workshop.  A high tea, delightfully prepared by local members with an abundance of treats was the highlight for members and special guests.

The invited guests who paid tribute to the wonderful community service that Taoist Tai Chi® arts bring to Canberra included:

  • Dr. Andrew Leigh MP (Shadow Assistant Treasurer and Member for Farrer in the ACT),
  • Ms. Sylvia Wang (representing the ACT Shadow Minister for Families, Youth and Community Services, and for Multicultural Affairs),
  • Dr. Benjamin Field and Dr Brad Hocking, osteopaths from Canberra Health Network Service,
  • Ms. Stephanie Oberscheider, (ACT Branch of the Royal Society for the Blind), and
  • Ms. Elisabeth Clevers-Schatten (National President TTCSA).

Petrina Hendry and Elisabeth Clevers-Schatten with assistance from the ACT President Margaret Blessington led the workshop.  Working during the 1 ½ days on the toryu and the tai chi moves brush knee and parting of wild horse’s mane, we found a deeper sense of balance, connection and expansion of the chest, and we explored the mysteries of dropping rather than just sitting.

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