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The Dragon's Head Blog: Letting go of resistance

Before the pandemic, my personal practice consisted of integrating the instructions and the corrections I had received from previous classes and observing the new feeling. Now, with the wise advice of our directors to let go, to trust and to be consistent, I first investigate my sensations without precise instructions. I am more an observer than an actress. Sometimes the feeling leads me to see for the first time the effect of a past instruction.

Concerning chanting, I resisted, no doubt due to my Judeo-Christian upbringing. At the start of the pandemic, I went to our zoom meetings mainly for the teachings and testimonies before and after chanting. In the end, however, I got caught up in chanting. I let go of my resistance. From week to week, I feel I am getting stronger. I manage to practice by sitting on my knees. Peacefulness, calmness and compassion settle in. Seeing people from all over, from Australia, Madrid, Florida, etc., chanting for the world, there is really something strong there.  The Taoist Tai Chi® arts and the chanting fill me with joy.

I experience intense things on a personal level during my practice. It’s a journey that I would not have made without the pandemic. It nourishes my spirituality. I feel myself becoming more and more Taoist.


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