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The Dragon's Head Blog: Finding Stillness in a time of chaos

My personal practice has become about letting go: letting go of counting how many donyus I do; letting go of the habit of doing jongs only while waiting for the toast to pop or the kettle to boil; letting go of unrealistic goals. I now have an understanding of the stillness that comes from just doing Taoist Tai Chi® arts. The result is my donyu feels natural. Is it technically correct? I don’t know, I’ve let go of worrying about that. The result is I feel pain subside. I feel the dropping and the rising. I feel the quietness in my body and in my mind. All these things have found their way into my daily life. My practice is helping me to let go of loss, to accept the frustration of an aging body and to let go of old ways of doing things. Keeping the stillness throughout the set is a challenge, but I have felt it and I know it will happen again.


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