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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Workshop in Kraków, Poland

Five day International workshop in Krakow held from the 11745393_412171168969735_7113516009798374761_n4th to 8th of July, gathered 245 participants from 11 countries: Canada, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Switzerland and Poland. What did we experience from Tony Kwong’s teachings? A little bit of everything: there were sets, tor yus, don yus, set’s elements practised in
„the new way”, happy hour= karaoke dan yu, and the last but not the least – the celebration of Tony’s „18th” birthday!

There was demo in the city nerby historical Wawel Castle and legendary Dragon Cave. During all five days we struggled with big heat (over 35 Celcius degrees), however we managed to bravely overcome that obstacle.


Workshop participants were divided into 25 groups and by working together, took care of all the tasks.

We witnessed the health benefits of  Taoist Tai Chi® arts , watching Tony helping many people with their health problems. Among them was Julek who worked very hard according to Tony’s instructions and he kept smiling, despite of the hard work. We could also see how Tony’s instructions and corrections helped Marzena, who was seriously injured three years ago during the dangerous accident and could hardly walk.

Tony’s teachings opened our hearts, made our bodies and minds much more joyful and enthusiastic, straightened our spines and created conditions which allowed us to improve our health. Thank you Tony and we are kindly asking you for more…


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