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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Seniors Day Luncheon

International Seniors Day was celebrated with a festive luncheon on November 8, 2019, at the International Center Florida.  Attendees included the City of Dunedin Mayor, City Manager, and Commissioners, members of the Dunedin Seniors Hall of Fame, 60 participants from the Tampa Bay/Sarasota area and the 285 CIT Week Participants.

As a violin solo was performed, appetizers were enjoyed, followed by a delicious meal. The program, themed “Be Stronger Longer” included a heartfelt testimonial and greetings in their native languages from representatives of each of the 12 countries present. On the big screens, a slideshow featured seniors around the world and a special preview of a “50th Anniversary, 2020” promotional video.

As dessert was served, the Samba Band and Lion Dancers sprang into action, amazing everyone with their energy.  Our special guests enjoyed having Lion photo-ops!

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