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The Dragon's Head Blog: Autumn Jai Festival at the International Centre, Orangeville

The first annual Autumn Jai Festival was a great success!  On October 17 at the International Centre near Orangeville, FLK hosted just under 1300 guests, mostly from the Chinese community, (most of whom were not familiar with our organization), for one of our biggest Jais ever. it was a sold out event and guests were not deterred by the early snowfall.  

The feeling in the room was festive while our guests enjoyed the beautiful jai, the entertainment by FLK participants and the animated hosting by a well-known Chinese radio personality. Information was provided to the audience about FLK and Mr Moy as well as the services we offer to the Chinese community.  After the Jai our guests explored the property, visited the temples, and went shopping at the merchandise area. 

This event was an opportunity for us to connect with the Chinese community, to raise money for FLK projects and to train in hosting and running events. 1300 people for lunch? No problem155 FLK participants rose to the occasion to ensure the success of the day. This was in addition to the volunteers who had been at the centre the previous week in preparation for the event and the few that stayed on after to put everything back in order. It was amazing to see how the thoughtful planning foresight combined with the willing and cheerful efforts of our participants helped the day to run remarkably smoothly.

We look forward to adding the Autumn Jai, as well as a Spring Blossom Festival to the regular calendar of events. Mark April 2, 2016 on your calendar for the Spring Blossom Festival!

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