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The Dragon's Head Blog: Autumn Harvest Potluck Feast

It was a lovely breezy Fall morning as we gathered for Saturday morning class at Etobicoke, Toronto, in mid October.  We arrive bearing dishes, pots and bags full of goodies for after class.  We eagerly assemble on the practice floor and our location co-leader takes us through foundations and set and has us explore the similarities in the moves “Brush Knee” and “Go Back to Ward Off Monkey”.  The class is bigger than usual because today we have had some of our neighbours join us for class and a feast.  It was nice to see our fellow players from Brampton, Mississauga and Bathurst locations come for the fun.

Then, we spring into action as FLK tai chi players are liable to do.  We take Master Moy’s saying: “Eyes see, hands do” seriously.  People assemble tables, set out delicious dishes on to long tables and our Autumn Harvest Potluck Feast is ready to be enjoyed on schedule.

Our committee is quite experienced, having organised luncheons many times already, and the tables look lovely. 

And, once more, our master baker Lily, gave us an incredible creation that was almost (almost…) too pretty to eat, but eat it we did with great appreciation.

The tables were loaded with a wide variety of salads, stews, casseroles, noodle dishes, baked beans, spring rolls and so much more.  And then there were the desserts!  The tables were truly groaning from the bounty.

A party game, “Old Wives Tales”, was very challenging and really got us all brainstorming together.  We were highly motivated because the table getting the most answers right, got to go to the dessert table first!

One of the admirable things about our FLK culture is how we move together in harmony to accomplish great things, very quickly and efficiently.  Leftover food is distributed, dishes washed, tables and chairs put away, floor swept and guests thanked.    We had the room all cleaned up and spotless in no time at so it is ready for  class on Sunday

A departing guest-neighbour says: “That was really delicious.  You must do this often.”

Yes.  Yes we do indeed!

All thanks to FLK Taoist Tai Chi®



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