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Great Britain
Cultivating health 0

Cultivating health

On the 31 August over 400 members gathered in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff to celebrate Awareness Day.  Across these three cities we demonstrated how unity, harmony and health are cultivated in every aspect of our Taoist practice.  Many volunteers worked together to coordinate the event, organising coaches, water, t-shirts and promotional materials, keeping together and sharing experiences […]
All Souls Festival 2019 0

All Souls Festival 2019

Master Moy taught us to honor the living and the dead, to promote cultural exchange, and to help others. The All Souls Festivals of 2019 has given the opportunity to express all of these aims. Around the world, participants gathered to engage in something greater than themselves. We chanted, prepared plaques honoring the deceased, folded […]
Tai Chi heatwave in Colchester, GB 2

Tai Chi heatwave in Colchester, GB

There was a Tai Chi heatwave in the UK as over one-hundred-and-fifty participants gathered for the five-day International Programme in Colchester.  The heat truly was a friend, as it softened muscles, tendons and ligaments, enabling everyone to work more deeply into their bodies through the danyu and toryu. The heat also worked to slow our brains, […]
Tai Chi internals – Colchester, GB 0

Tai Chi internals – Colchester, GB

At our Home in Colchester, GB, a hundred participants gather for a spring 5-day international programme. After breakfast and before the programme starts, a chance to practise chanting, with the 10,000 Buddha’s sutra. The tai chi instruction follows some simple themes to access the internals. Participants put the instructions into practice, with help and guidance, […]
Public displays in Southend, GB 0

Public displays in Southend, GB

A large group from the South East Essex branch of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Great Britain gathered in Southend at the weekend, to practice Taoist Tai ChiTM Arts, and to hand out leaflets to promote the imminent Open House sessions and new Beginner courses in the branch. Members of the general public stood […]
Celebrating the Year of the Pig in Ipswich GB 0

Celebrating the Year of the Pig in Ipswich GB

More than sixty members from seven classes throughout Suffolk spent time together in Ipswich this week to celebrate the Year of the Pig.  Members arrived early to help decorate the hall, prepare food, make puerh tea for the break, and start the sale of raffle tickets  We enjoyed practising tai chi together, and hearing tales from the early days of the […]
Chinese New Year display in Perth GB 0

Chinese New Year display in Perth GB

Perth celebrated Chinese New Year with dragons and lions and a parade through town, and a CNY theme to tonight’s riverside Light Night.     TTCS members were there, displaying our tai chi ‘set’, and giving out lots of leaflets to promote modern ways to start learning this ancient Taoist Art.     Lighting was […]
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