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The Dragon's Head Blog: First European Retreat of the 50th Anniversary Year

Over a hundred participants came together for the International Retreat in Colchester, UK, the first such event in Europe in this year of celebrating 50 years since Master Moy Lin Shin began teaching us Taoist Tai ChiTM arts.

Working from the spine, everyone took the time to engage the coiling, the expansion, and the contraction.

“’Slowly, slowly, slowly’ really helped, taking the time to do the move”

“Concentrating on spiralling makes the hands move by themselves”

“I was enjoying the expansion so much that I forgot what came next.”

 “Keeping the hand open made the feeling of elasticity really strong”

Participants worked together to keep the spirit and vision of Master Moy alive, by volunteering in the kitchen, and helping with the dishes, cleaning and caretaking throughout the centre. 

Observing, practising, and discussing a selection of moves, as we search for and discover the feeling of, and connection in, our own bodies. 

“I feel more space across my chest, as if there is more space for my lungs to expand into”

“Listening to other people’s comments really helped me”

“I’m engaging in a different way with the balance. Before I was less precise. I’m now trying to focus on that, as even a tiny bit out makes a big difference”

The three-day retreat gave all an opportunity to learn about, and reflect, on the incredible legacy of Master Moy. People shared stories of how the various practices, and the examples set by Master Moy, have profoundly shaped their lives over the years. 

By the end of the retreat, the benefits of these incredible arts were becoming ever more apparent, and participants are looking forward to continuing Master Moy’s legacy for the next fifty, and five hundred, years.

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