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The Dragon's Head Blog: Taoist training is about Change

It was a very relaxed October program in Colchester, where over 100 participants from 14 countries came together to play tai chi and become more familiar with the themes from this year’s CIT week in May. Taking our time to really be conscious and pay attention to what we were doing helped us make changes. Our workshop leaders kept a balanced pace, and with simple instructions and with repetition all were able to let go of ‘autopilot’ and be in the moment with our new-found connections.

Having the opportunity to look for our ‘lion’s roar’ was new to some, but after several days of chanting the Northern Dipper sutra we found a more powerful resonance, the timing in the chanting coming together as it was in the tai chi sets.

By the end of the week the smiles were bigger and brighter with everyone looking forward to taking their changes home for continued practice… until the next change.

“Working on the tor yu this way helps me keep the head in alignment”

“I feel a lot softer and more open after two days, and the pain has gone”

“A lightbulb moment for me … I wasn’t using my chest but my shoulder blades”

“The drop now feels multi-directional”

“I was having to be much more patient with the weight shift, otherwise I was short-changing myself”

“I felt so much more balanced when I kept the alignment”

“It works so much better when I remember to follow the instruction!”

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