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The Dragon's Head Blog: What does Chanting give me?

Before starting a chanting session, a feeling of stillness and calm invades me. This feeling of tranquility, but at the same time of strength, remains afterwards.

I usually practice on my knees. This position helps me release my hips (in the sitting position is where I get the most pain from trochanteritis) and I have no pain. I feel a great stretch in my back, abdomen and in the front muscles of my legs. It allows me to be better aligned. I feel that with the systematic practice of chanting I have increased my lung capacity (the feeling of suffocation is much less than at the beginning). I feel a big opening in my chest.

I have Raynaud’s syndrome (poor peripheral circulation due to narrowing of the blood vessels that limits blood supply). This syndrome permanently causes my hands and feet to be very cold, and my body does not get warm, regardless of what I am wearing. With the chanting practice my circulatory system improves a lot; when I finish a chanting session my hands and feet are warm, they have a good color, my body feels an internal heat that lasts for hours.

Isabel, Madrid, Spain

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