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The Dragon's Head Blog: Update – International Center Florida

Construction on the new International Center Florida is at full speed. Workers are very busy making structural repairs and framing rooms in the Main Building called Building A.  Completion of the A Building, the former Historic Fenway Hotel, is scheduled for Summer of 2016.

2nd Fl Framing 3  2nd Fl Framing 5

3rdFlFramingCutPieces7_2015  3rdFl7_26_2015Framing 3rdFlFraming5

Flags are now flying on the flagpole in the front yard .

FlagsoverFenway1 FlagsoverFenway3

Where’s the Dragon?

DragonBR7_7_15 The dragon bike rack commissioned by the branch as a memorial to a long time participant who has passed, was painted last Monday and is scheduled to be delivered the first week of August. The bike rack will sit outside of Building E where  current classes are being taught and future workshops are scheduled to be held.  As a reminder, building B was demolished in 2014, building C will become the new home to our shrine and new location of the Dunedin Branch, and building D is the three bedroom home on the property.

Below the Dunedin Branch is  maintaining its enthusiasm as participants  enjoy a healthy brunch  after the Saturday morning branch class. Last month, 40 participated in a buffet of yogurt, berries, granola, bacon, pancakes, and broccoli and cheese frittatas. August 8th, will be a Southern Style Brunch featuring cheesy grits, biscuits and  gravy, scrambled eggs, bacon, tomatoes, fried potatoes and fruit.  All Welcome!



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