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The Dragon's Head Blog: Up Down Same Time in Colchester, GB

After an incredible five days of Taoist Tai Chi® teaching, the 150 participants had much to take away with them and incorporate into their own practice. Throughout the foundations and moves we worked on, there was an emphasis on ‘up-down-same-time’, through the dropping of the elbows and coccyx and the rising of the spine from the feet.


25 Jul 2018 - International Workshop in Colchester GB


The value of pain as a teacher was highlighted through discussions. One participant shared her experience of how focusing on the push from the feet alleviated her knee pain. Another talked of how the tai chi was helping her osteoarthritis and making her “taller, straighter and stronger”.  The importance of balance was also articulated – to progress, it’s important to challenge yourself, but if you force yourself, you will impede your progress.


25 Jul 2018 - International Workshop in Colchester GB


Through some expert explanations of the anatomy of the shoulders, hips and knees and the various systems of circulation and connective tissue, we were able see more clearly inside the body and connect the feeling of these concepts.


The National AGM was held on Saturday, and this was another opportunity to reflect on the work we do as a Society in promoting Master Moy’s vision, and the importance of the administrative and volunteer systems in addition to the physical Taoist Tai Chi® practice.


25 Jul 2018 - International Workshop in Colchester GB


While we all worked hard, whether in the practice hall, kitchen, washing-up room or bathrooms, it was always with great humour, lightness and openness.


25 Jul 2018 - International Workshop in Colchester GB


Thank you to everyone involved and we look forward to seeing you all again at the next workshop.



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