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The Dragon's Head Blog: Thanksgiving Day Class at the Fenway Hotel

On Thanksgiving Day, particpants of the Dunedin Branch gathered together with members of the community to enjoy a Taoist Tai Chi® class on the lawn of the Fenway hotel. It has long been a holiday tradition at our branch to have Tai Chi on the beach. This year was extra special! Building on the enthusiasm of the Grand Opening for the International Center Florida, the Fenway Hotel not only encouraged us to have our holiday Tai Chi set on the front lawn overlooking the water, but they also promoted an hour-long Taoist Tai Chi ® class open to members of the community. In addition to our local participants, we had 23 folks from the Fenway neighborhood and the greater Dunedin community attend. In our hour together our neighbors were able to meet local branch participants, learn more about the Society, and, of course, practice Tai Chi!


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