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The Dragon's Head Blog: Surprising health benefits of Taoist Tai Chi

Thanks to the intense practice of Taoist Tai ChiTM arts such as we have been able to do since last May, after confinement, the significant visual disturbances from which I had been suffering for about a year and a half, disappeared. The ophthalmologist, who had planned an operation of cataracts this year put it off for two years. She was very surprised at the changes she saw. I had already noticed that after each session of practise my vision is sharper.

I wanted to share this good news to testify to the benefits of Taoist Tai ChiTM arts.

We can’t practice in a group anymore, but it is really important to continue, even alone at home. It’s a little harder to find motivation, but it’s essential for health. The feeling is different but it also allows us to progress, to find and deepen what the instructors have taught us and what we discovered during the practices.

It’s also another way to stay connected with each other.


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