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The Dragon's Head Blog: Southwest Area Central Region Program, May 23, 2015

81 participants from around Southwestern Ontario and beyond gathered at the Southwest Centre in Stratford for a Central Region Program. The program was a joint effort of all eight Southwest locations.

 IMG_2788 (1)Judy Millen led the day, assisted by Marsha Eberhardt, president of FLK. Judy worked with us particularly on our toryu and the beginning of the set, taking us back to “kindergarden” to ensure a proper foundation. Important discussions throughout the day focused on working together, keeping our eyes open (literally and metaphorically), change and the spiritual foundation of our practice.  Response to the instruction was enthusiastic with many “aha” moments. As the day progressed the group became stronger and more unified in the movements.

IMG_2809Many people were engaged in helping both beforehand as well as at the event and the pleasure in the camaraderie of working together was evident throughout the day. A beautiful lunch prepared by participants, with particular assistance from the Windsor branch, helped to create a welcoming feeling.

We are grateful for the opportunity to host such an event at the Southwest Centre and to receive such rich instruction.

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