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The Dragon's Head Blog: So much in it: Colchester 5-day Program

The latest news from Colchester is – on Thursday we worked on the first four moves of the set. Who’d have thought there was so much in it!

Friday morning in Colchester, and before the workshop programme starts, some groups are practicing the 'sandwich set’ while others chant.

It’s Friday evening in Colchester. Day three. It’s hot. We’ve had dinner, and participants gather together spontaneously to practice. Structure and timing have improved. Many tor-yus. Many d0n-yus. The focus goes inwards. Then Tony appears, calls a halt, and cracks a joke, and the spirit appears on the surface again.

Tony showed us how to do a the sequence around Step Up And Raise Hands. He asked the group leaders to demonstrate.

A refreshing summer breeze wafts around Colchester on Saturday morning, as a further 45 people arrive to join the weekend programme of the 5-day progra,. We are now 200-strong, and looking forward to further instruction. In our constant practice of renewal, the new beginning continues.

Colchester, 06 Jun 15 - group
Colchester, 06 Jun 15 – group

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