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The Dragon's Head Blog: Personal Stories / USA

Since doing sets on my own for over eight months now, an interesting thing has happened. At first it seemed strange to practice alone, without a group. I felt oddly self-conscious, even though no one was watching. Over time, though, I stopped worrying about that and just started focusing on how my body felt while practicing. I started noticing where in my body I could feel a stretch in each move. Can I lengthen that stretch without reaching? I started noticing how I could feel my weight in each foot. Can I get even more weight in that foot without leaning? Getting all my weight in each foot keeps me balanced and gives me stability. Then each turn of my spine feels more centered. There are so many things that I’ve heard from instructors to play with!

With all of this self-discovery going on, I am now liking this time for practicing on my own very much!  In fact, I feel a little protective of it. That’s the interesting thing. I don’t want to lose it when we all get together to practice again. And I really want to practice with everyone and be together and receive instruction again. But I have found something new — my very own practice. A new way to learn and develop.  

Like learning to play an instrument or a new language, I must practice on my own in order to truly progress. I feel it working. So I plan to continue my new-found personal practice after we reopen. And the burden is on me to do so.

— Kathy, USA, Portland


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